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Summit 2015 - The Jo'burg Declaration

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Mindful of its vision, mission and set objectives, members and attendees at the 3rd AfICTA Summit held on September 1-3, 2015 @ Protea Hotel Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa hereby declare as follows:

1. Aware of the on-going WSIS+10 Review, express support for the renewal of the IGF mandate.

2. Considering the inherent value of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declare support for the goals and motivate the required national and international political will.

3. Given that citizens, users and diverse stakeholders views are important to public policy articulation and implementation with respect to the realization of the SDGs, express support for enhanced cooperation within the context of multi-stakeholderism involving governments, private sector, civil society, and technical and academia community stakeholders.

4. Realizing the need to complement African governments in providing and creating jobs opportunities is committed to creating one million (1,000,000) jobs by the year 2020,

5. Concerned about the need to sustain the rise of Africa urge African Union (AU) and African governments to partner with all stakeholders including the private sector in the spirit of enhanced cooperation and collaboration.

6. Noting the dearth of Internet domain name uptake in Africa urge African governments to express pride in their ccTLD identity and use them in governance to create the necessary "locomotive" effect to boost demand.

7. Concerned by cases of failed projects across Africa recommend the use of global standards, frameworks and methodologies to deliver projects that are "fit for purpose".

8. Affirming that Internet access in particular engenders sustainable development and prosperity urge African national governments and parliaments in particular to enact laws, articulate strategies and policies that promote trust and confidence on the Internet.

9. Noting the need for national ICT associations and stakeholders to collaborate for better impact on national public policies urge delegates to look inwards, work with their contemporaries and stakeholders toward evolving vibrant national ICT advocacy alliance.

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